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Re-Refined From Collected Used Oil



  Used oil does not go bad, it simply gets dirty. Through a state-of-the-art process, water, fuel and impurities are removed from used oil, restoring its original qualities and performance characteristics. In fact, most of the re-refined base stocks produced today are considered to be a premium to conventionally refined oils due to the growing percentage of synthetic oils collected in today’s service facilities.

Through industry leading technology, PureGreen Lubricants meet and exceed OEM performance requirements and API and ILSAC’s stringent licensing standards. PureGreen’s trusted performance is backed by a full product warranty.
Re-refining Process

1) Water removal
2) Fuel recovery
3) Separation of oil using vacuum distillation
4) Chemical hydrotreating
5) Splitting of base oil into desired viscosities
Green Motor Oil and Earth Friendly Lubricants by North American Lubricants.

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